Cover: Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 10: January 1794 – June 1795, from Harvard University PressCover: Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 10 in HARDCOVER

Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 10

January 1794 – June 1795

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ISBN 9780674057845

Publication Date: 03/15/2011


  • Descriptive List of Illustrations*
  • Introduction
    • 1. City Life, Country Life
    • 2. The State of the Republic
    • 3. A New Minister to the Netherlands
    • 4. Notes on Editorial Method
    • 5. Related Digital Resources
  • Acknowledgments
  • Guide to Editorial Apparatus
    • 1. Textual Devices
    • 2. Adams Family Code Names
    • 3. Descriptive Symbols
    • 4. Location Symbols
    • 5. Other Abbreviations and Conventional Terms
    • 6. Short Titles of Works Frequently Cited
  • Family Correspondence, January 1794–June 1795
  • Appendix: List of Omitted Documents
  • Chronology
  • Index
  • * Illustrations
    • 1. Edmond Charles Genet, by Jean Baptiste Fouquet, 1793
    • 2. Medal Presented to Charles Bulfinch by the Proprietors of the Federal Street Theatre, by Joseph Callender, 1795
    • 3. “American Stage Waggon,” by Isaac Weld Jr., ca. 1797
    • 4, 5. John Quincy Adams and Thomas Boylston Adams, by Mr. Parker, 1795
    • 6. “An Exciseman,” 1792
    • 7. Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne, by George Graham, 1796
    • 8. “Robespierre, Guillotinant le Boureau après Avoir Fait Guillotr. Tous les Francais,” ca. 1794
    • 9. The Batavian Republic, 1798
    • 10. “Theatrum Anatomicum,” by Crispijn de Passe, ca. 1614

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