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The Bab Ballads

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$33.00 • £26.95 • €29.50

ISBN 9780674058019

Publication Date: 04/30/2003


384 pages

355 line illustrations

Belknap Press


  • Introduction
  • The Bab Ballads
    • The Advent of Spring
    • The Cattle Show (Fun)
    • The Cattle Show (The Comic News)
    • Sixty-three and Sixty-four
    • The Dream
    • The Baron Klopfzetterheim
    • Down to the Derby
    • Something Like Nonsense Verses
    • Ode to My Clothes
    • The Student
    • Tempora Mutantur
    • The Bachelors’ Strike
    • A Bad Night of It
    • To Phoebe
    • Ozone
    • To the Terrestrial Globe
    • The Monkey in Trouble
    • Back Again!
    • To My Absent Husband
    • Musings in a Music Hall
    • Pantomimic Presentiments
    • The Bar and Its Moaning
    • To Euphrosyne
    • The Phantom Curate
    • To a Little Maid
    • Ferdinando and Elvira; or, The Gentle Pieman
    • The Pantomime “Super” to His Mask
    • The Yarn of the “Nancy Bell”
    • Monsieur Le Blond on London
    • Haunted
    • The Reverend Rawston Wright
    • The Story of Gentle Archibald
    • To My Bride
    • Only a Dancing Girl
    • To My Steed
    • King Borria Bungalee Boo
    • Jack Casts His Shell
    • How to Write an Irish Drama
    • General John
    • Sir Guy the Crusader
    • Sir Galahad the Golumptious
    • Disillusioned
    • John and Freddy
    • Lorenzo de Lately
    • The Bishop and the Busman
    • Babette’s Love
    • Fanny and Jenny
    • Sir Mackiln
    • The Troubadour
    • Ben Allah Achmet; or, The Fatal Turn
    • The Folly of Brown
    • Joe Golightly; or, The First Lord’s Daughter
    • The Rival Curates
    • Thomas Winterbottom Hance
    • A. and B.; or, The Sensation Twins
    • Sea-Side Snobs
    • The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo
    • The Precocious Baby
    • Baines Carew, Gentleman
    • A Discontented Sugar Broker
    • The Force of Argument
    • At a Pantomime
    • The Three Kings of Chickeraboo
    • The Periwinkle Girl
    • Captain Reece
    • Thomson Green and Harriet Hale
    • Bob Potter
    • The Ghost, the Gallant, the Gael, and the Goblin
    • Ellen McJones Aberdeen
    • The Sensation Captain
    • Trial by Jury
    • The Reverend Micah Sowls
    • Peter the Wag
    • The Story of Prince Agib
    • Gentle Alice Brown
    • Pasha Bailey Ben
    • Blabworth-cum-Talkington
    • The Sailor Boy to His Lass
    • Sir Conrad and the Rusty One
    • The Cunning Woman
    • The Modest Couple
    • The “Bandoline” Player
    • Sir Barnaby Bampton Boo
    • Boulogne
    • Brave Alum Bey
    • Gregory Parable, LL.D.
    • Lieutenant-Colonel Flare
    • The Hermit
    • Annie Protheroe
    • The Captain and the Mermaids
    • An Unfortunate Likeness
    • A Boulogne Table d’Hôte
    • The Railway Guard’s Song
    • “The Undecided Man”
    • Premonitory Symptoms
    • Lost Mr. Blake
    • Little Oliver
    • What is a Burlesque?
    • The Phantom Head
    • The Politest of Nations!
    • Woman’s Gratitude
    • The Baby’s Vengeance
    • The Two Ogres
    • Mister William
    • The Martinet
    • The King of Canoodle-Dum
    • First Love
    • The Haughty Actor
    • The Two Majors
    • The Three Bohemian Ones
    • The Policeman’s Beard
    • The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo Again
    • A Worm Will Turn
    • The Mystic Selvagee
    • Emily, John, James, and I
    • The Ghost to His Ladye Love
    • Prince it Baleine
    • The Way of Wooing
    • The Scornful Colonel
    • The Variable Baby
    • The Ladies of the Lea
    • Hongree and Mahry
    • Etiquette
    • The Reverend Simon Magus
    • My Dream
    • Damon v. Pythias
    • The Bumboat Woman’s Story
    • The Fairy Curate
    • Phrenology
    • The Perils of Invisibility
    • The Wise Policeman
    • A Drop of Pantomime Water
    • Old Paul and Old Tim
    • “Eheu! Fugaces”
    • Jester James
    • The Policeman’s Story
    • The Thief’s Apology
    • The King and the Stroller
    • The Return
  • Notes to the Ballads
  • Index of Titles
  • Index of First Lines

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