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The Primate Mind

Built to Connect with Other Minds

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ISBN 9780674058040

Publication Date: 01/02/2012


416 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

39 halftones, 19 line illustrations, 4 tables


  • Preface [Frans B.M. de Waal and Pier Francesco Ferrari]
    • 1. A Bottom-Up Approach to the Primate Mind [Frans B.M. de Waal and Pier Francesco Ferrari]
  • Section One: From Understanding of the Actions of Others to Culture
    • 2. The Mirror Neuron System in Monkeys and Its Implications for Social Cognitive Functions [Pier Francesco Ferrari and Leonardo Fogassi]
    • 3. The Human Mirror Neuron System and Its Role in Imitation and Empathy [Marco Iacoboni]
    • 4. Social Rules and Body Scheme [Naotaka Fujii and Atsushi Iriki]
    • 5. What, Whom, and How: Selectivity in Social Learning [Ludwig Huber]
    • 6. Learning How to Forage: Socially Biased Individual Learning and “Niche Construction” in Wild Capuchin Monkeys [Elisabetta Visalberghi and Dorothy Fragaszy]
    • 7. Social Learning and Culture in Child and Chimpanzee [Lydia M. Hopper, Sarah Marshall-Pescini, and Andrew Whiten]
  • Section Two: Empathy, Perspective Taking, and Cooperation
    • 8. A Bottom-Up View of Empathy [Frans B.M. de Waal]
    • 9. What Does the Primate Mind Know about Other Minds? A Review of Primates’ Understanding of Visual Attention [April M. Ruiz and Laurie R. Santos]
    • 10. Human Empathy through the Lens of Psychology and Social Neuroscience [Tania Singer and Grit Hein]
    • 11. How Much of Our Cooperative Behavior Is Human? [Brian Hare and Jingzhi Tan]
    • 12. Fetal Testosterone in Mind: Human Sex Differences and Autism [Bonnie Auyeung and Simon Baron-Cohen]
    • Section Three: Memory, Emotions, and Communication
    • 13. The Role of Broca’s Area in Socio-Communicative Processes of Chimpanzees [William D. Hopkins and Jared P. Taglialatela]
    • 14. Emotional Engagement: How Chimpanzee Minds Develop [Kim A. Bard]
    • 15. Distress Alleviation in Monkeys and Apes: A Window into the Primate Mind? [Filippo Aureli and Orlaith N. Fraser]
    • 16. Enquiries Concerning Chimpanzee Understanding [Charles R. Menzel and Emil W. Menzel, Jr.]
    • 17. What Is Uniquely Human? A View from Comparative Cognitive Development in Humans and Chimpanzees [Tetsuro Matsuzawa]
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index

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