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The Diversity of Life

With a New Preface

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ISBN 9780674058170

Publication Date: 11/15/2010

Academic Trade

440 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

50 line illustrations, 3 maps; 64 color photographs on a 16-page insert; 3 color illustrations on a 2-page insert

Belknap Press

Not for sale in the UK, Commonwealth (except Canada), Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent

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Wilson’s is still the best work we are ever likely to have on the tangled, ever-changing relationships that all species on the planet have with one another—and why the preservation of the same biological diversity that sparks our curiosity and enriches our spirit may also be the key to our survival.—T. H. Watkins, The Washington Post

The central message of Edward O. Wilson’s stirring new book…is that Homo sapiens is in imminent danger of precipitating a biological disaster to rival anything in evolutionary history. Mr. Wilson…is the doyen of American biology. Two decades ago he popularized the term ‘sociobiology,’ and generated a small industry of speculation about the biological basis of human nature. In this book he stops asking what biology does to humans, and asks instead what we humans are doing to biology.—David Papineau, The New York Times Book Review

We need prophets to shake the souls and grab the attention of those who have eyes but see not. The Diversity of Life is a deft and thoroughly successful mixture of information and prophecy.—Stephen Jay Gould, Nature

Edward O. Wilson…has laid and elegant and ingratiating literary style over a fundament of science to produce a book that will enlighten the uninformed, correct the misinformed and serve as a beacon of lucidity in the wilderness… Wilson takes us by the hand and leads us through the wilderness of diversity—explaining along the way how species evolve, adapt, specialize, colonize, hybridize, recreate new versions of themselves, radiate out to new locations, become new things in often symbiotic combination with other new things, then transmogrify themselves into something else and move on again to fill other niches, other combinations—a mad, wonderful saraband of complexity and cohabitation that Wilson conducts with eloquence, clarity, and wit.—T. H. Watkins, The Washington Post Book World

Edward Wilson reminds the jaded viewer that there really is a crisis, and that—just as in 1917—it is already almost too late to do anything about it. He gives a penetrating historical analysis of what went wrong and even has a New Economic Plan which might, just, pull us back from the brink… [This] book is a passionate defense of life’s variety.—Steve Jones, London Review of Books

[Wilson’s] passion for the beauty and mystery of nature, coupled with his adherence to scientific method and his unsurpassed professional standing, give the work the possibility of being the most important environmental book since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.—Charles A. Radin, The Boston Globe

One of the most engaging and interesting books that this reviewer has seen recently. Wilson, internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in this field, leads the reader through the often difficult subject of biodiversity.Choice

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