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The Diversity of Life

With a New Preface

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$30.00 • £26.95 • €27.95

ISBN 9780674058170

Publication Date: 11/15/2010

Academic Trade

440 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

50 line illustrations, 3 maps; 64 color photographs on a 16-page insert; 3 color illustrations on a 2-page insert

Belknap Press

Not for sale in the UK, Commonwealth (except Canada), Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent

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Related Subjects

  • Preface to the 2010 Printing
  • Violent Nature, Resilient Life
    • Storm over the Amazon
    • Krakatau
    • The Great Extinctions
  • Biodiversity Rising
    • The Fundamental Unit
    • New Species
    • The Forces of Evolution
    • Adaptive Radiation
    • The Unexplored Biosphere
    • The Creation of Ecosystems
    • Biodiversity Reaches the Peak
  • The Human Impact
    • The Life and Death of Species
    • Biodiversity Threatened
    • Unmined Riches
    • Resolution
    • The Environmental Ethic
  • Notes
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgments
  • Credits
  • Index

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