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Harvard English Studies 17

The Ballad and Oral Literature

Edited by Joseph Harris

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Publication Date: 08/01/1991


368 pages

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Harvard English Studies


  • Introduction [Joseph Harris]
  • Technique, Text, and Context: Formulaic Narrative Mode and the Question of Genre [Fleming G. Andersen]
  • Popular Modes of Narration and the Popular Ballad [Hugh Shields]
  • Talerole Analysis and Child’s Supernatural Ballads [David Buchan]
  • The Historical Moorings of “The Gypsy Laddie”: Johnny Faa and Lady Cassillis [Sigrid Rieuwerts]
  • The Americanization of Scottish Ballads: Counterevidence from the Southwest of Scotland [William B. McCarthy]
  • Parity of Ignorance: Child’s Judgment on “Sir Cohn” and the Scottish Verdict “Not Proven” [Emily Lyle]
  • Literary Backgrounds of the Scandinavian Ballad [Vesteinn Olason]
  • Oral Literature, Written Literature: The Ballad and Old Norse Genres [Bengt R. Jonsson]
  • Tradition and Innovation: The Influence of Child Ballads on the Anglo-American Literary Ballad [Natascha Wurzbach]
  • Cultural Diglossia and the Nature of Medieval Latin Literature [Jan Ziolkowski]
  • Song and Dance: Reflections on a Comparison of Faroese Ballad with Greek Choral Lyric [Gregory Nagy]
  • Ring Composition in Maldon; or, a Possible Case of Chiasmus in a Late Anglo-Saxon Poem [Albert B. Lord]
  • The Middle English Popular Romance: Minstrel versus Hack Writer [Karl Reichl]
  • Gräkappan (AT 425) as Chapbook and Folktale in Sweden [Stephen A. Mitchell]
  • The Interplay of Genres in Oral Epic Performance: Differentially Marked Discourse in a Northern Egyptian Tradition [Dwight Reynolds]

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