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The People’s Republic of China at 60

An International Assessment

Edited by William C. Kirby

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ISBN 9780674060647

Publication Date: 05/31/2011


432 pages

6 x 9 inches

10 figures, 9 tables

Harvard University Asia Center

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Contributors
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction: Myths and Lessons of Contemporary Chinese History [William C. Kirby]
  • Keynote Address: The People’s Republic of China at Sixty [Roderick MacFarquhar]
  • Polities
    • 1. The Foundations of Communist Rule in China: The Coercive Dimension [David Shambaugh]
    • 2. Mao Zedong and the Origins of the Anti-Rightist Rectification Campaign [Shen Zhihua]
    • 3. Ideal, Effort, and Alienation of Socialism in China: An Exploration from a Materialistic View of History [Yang Kuisong]
    • 4. China’s Three Rises, Regional Power Transitions, and East Asian Security: 1949 to the Twenty-First Century [Robert S. Ross]
    • 5. The People’s Republic of China at Sixty: Is It Rising? [Alastair Iain Johnston and Sheena Chestnut]
    • 6. Why China Gets a “Rise” Out of Us: Rminiations on PRC Foreign Relations [Alan M. Wachman]
  • Social Transformations
    • 7. “Sixty is the New Forty” (Or Is It?): Reflections on the Health of the Chinese Body Politic [Elizabeth J. Perry]
    • 8. Popular Protest and Party Rule: China’s Evolving Polity [Andrew G. Walder]
    • 9. Agriculture, Imports, and Diplomacy: Three Case Studies on the Interaction between Chinese Party Rule and Popular Will [Niu Dayong]
    • 10. Urban Residential District Making in China [Peter G. Rowe]
    • 11. “Turning Rubbish into Something Useful”: Crime and Punishment in Mao’s China [Klaus Mühlhahn]
  • Wealth and Well-Being
    • 12. A Fine Balance: Chinese Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in Historical Perspective [Elisabeth Köll]
    • 13. Turning Around State-Owned Enterprises under China’s Political Business Model [Jean Oi]
    • 14. Health, Subjectivity, and Moral Change in China [Arthur Kleinman]
    • 15. Health Care Reforms in China: Slogan or Solution? [Barry R. Bloom and Yuanli Liu]
    • 16. Rushing toward Socialism: The Transformation and Death of Private Business Enterprises in Shanghai, 1949–1956 [Feng Xiaocai]
    • 17. Short-Term Stimuli and the Prospects for Long-Term Growth in China [Dwight H. Perkins]
    • 18. Myth of the Social Volcano: Popular Responses to Rising Inequality in China [Martin King Whyte]
  • Culture, Belief, Practice
    • 19. The Making of a Hero: Lei Feng and Some Issues of Historiography [Xiaofei Tian]
    • 20. Rediscovery of the Frontier in Recent Chinese History [Xiaoyuan Liu]
    • 21. The Role of China’s Public Intellectuals in the People’s Republic of China [Merle Goldman]
    • 22. The End of Intellectuals: Sixty Years of Service, Subversion, and Selling in China [Timothy Cheek]
    • 23. The Politics of National Celebrations in China [Chang-Tai Hung]
  • The PRC’s Future in Light of Its Past
    • 24. Ming Fever: The Past in the Present in the People’s Republic of China at Sixty [Michael Szonyi]
    • 25. The Tenacity of Culture: Old Stories in the New China [Paul A. Cohen]
    • 26. National Minds and Imperial Frontiers: Inner Asia and China in the New Century [Mark C. Elliott]
  • Concluding Comments [Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik]

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