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Ilex Series 4

The Rhetoric of Biography

Narrating Lives in Persianate Societies

Edited by L. Marlow

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ISBN 9780674060661

Publication Date: 03/01/2011


184 pages

6 x 9 inches

6 halftones

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  • Introduction [L. Marlow]
  • The Testing of the Shāhnāma in the “Life of Ferdowsī” Narratives [Olga M. Davidson]
  • Biography and the Image of a Medieval Historian: The Tārīkh-i-jahān-goshā of ‘Atā-Malek Jovaynī [Mohammad Jafar Mahallati]
  • A Glorious Past and an Outstanding Present: Writing a Collection of Biographies in Late Persianate Central Asia [Maria Szuppe]
  • Autobiography and Biography: The Turco-Mongol Case: Bābur, Haydar Mīrzā, Gulbadan Begim and Jahāngīr [Stephen Dale]
  • Women’s Biographies in Islamic Societies: Mīrzā ‘Abd Allāh al-Isfahānī’s Riyād al-‘ulamā’ [Devin Stewart]
  • Al-Ma’mūn and ‘Alī al-Ridā (Emām Reza) on Iranian Television [Michael Cooperson]
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