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The Shock of the Global

The 1970s in Perspective

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Publication Date: 10/15/2011


448 pages

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Crisis, What Crisis?: The 1970s and the Shock of the Global [Niall Ferguson]
  • Part I: Into an Emerging Order
    • 1. “Malaise”: The Crisis of Capitalism in the 1970s [Charles S. Maier]
    • 2. The United States and Globalization in the 1970s [Daniel J. Sargent]
    • 3. The Great Transformation: China in the Long 1970s [Odd Arne Westad]
    • 4. The Kiss of Debt: The East Bloc Goes Borrowing [Stephen Kotkin]
  • Part II: Stagflation and the Economic Origins of Globalization
    • 5. The Global 1970s and the Echo of the Great Depression [Alan M. Taylor]
    • 6. International Finance and Political Legitimacy: A Latin American View of the Global Shock [Jeremy Adelman]
    • 7. American Debt, Global Capital: The Policy Origins of Securitization [Louis Hyman]
    • 8. The United States, Multinational Enterprises, and the Politics of Globalization [Vernie Oliveiro]
  • Part III: International Relations in an Age of Upheaval
    • 9. The Vietnam Decade: The Global Shock of the War [Lien-Hang T. Nguyen]
    • 10. Henry Kissinger and the Geopolitics of Globalization [Jeremi Suri]
    • 11. Wrestling with Parity: The Nuclear Revolution Revisited [Francis J. Gavin]
    • 12. Containing Globalism: The United States and the Developing World in the 1970s [Mark Atwood Lawrence]
  • Part IV: Global Challenges and International Society
    • 13. The Transformation of International Institutions: Global Shock as Cultural Shock [Glenda Sluga]
    • 14. The Seventies and the Rebirth of Human Rights [Michael Cotey Morgan]
    • 15. Smallpox Eradication and the Rise of Global Governance [Erez Manela]
    • 16. The Environment, Environmentalism, and International Society in the Long 1970s [J.R. McNeill]
  • Part V: Ideological, Religious, and Intellectual Upheaval
    • 17. Globalizing Sisterhood: International Women’s Year and the Politics of Representation [Jocelyn Olcott]
    • 18. Liberation and Redemption in 1970s Rock Music [Rebecca J. Sheehan]
    • 19. Universal Nationalism: Christian America’s Response to the Years of Upheaval [Andrew Preston]
    • 20. An Uncertain Trajectory: Islam’s Contemporary Globalization, 1971–1979 [Ayesha Jalal]
    • 21. Future Shock: The End of the World as They Knew It [Matthew Connelly]
  • Epilogue: The Shock of the Global [Thomas Borstelmann]
  • Notes
  • Contributors
  • Index

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