Cover: Dropping Out: Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It, from Harvard University PressCover: Dropping Out in HARDCOVER

Dropping Out

Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It

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ISBN 9780674062207

Publication Date: 10/15/2011


400 pages

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The most complete examination of the dropout issue I have ever seen [is] Russell W. Rumberger’s Dropping Out: Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can Be Done About It… Rumberger examines every complex nuance, summarizes every important research paper and demolishes every Internet myth. His book is a masterpiece, something education wonks will keep close by… We can’t make any improvements, however, without knowing what hasn’t helped dropouts, and why. On those vital questions, this book will be the best resource for years to come.—Jay Mathews, The Washington Post

[A] sobering look at one aspect of many crises facing U.S. schools. Drawing on both education policy and economics, [Rumberger] explores the cost of this crisis to the dropouts and American society in terms of higher unemployment, lower wages, and less of a contribution to the tax base.—Vanessa Bush, Booklist

[Dropping Out] is not only definitive, but positively masterful in its treatment of a vitally important subject… Russell Rumberger’s prescriptions, if heeded, would be truly revolutionary. This fact alone should make this volume required reading for any serious student of school reform. His treatment is exhaustive, his writing style energizing, his message urgent and his analysis powerful. I recommend it highly.—A. Graham Down, Education Next

The book is superb. It is erudite, scholarly, engaging, and provocative… [Rumberger] works his way patiently through the familial, organizational, and individual characteristics that influence dropping out. He then walks us through the nature, consequences, causes, and possible solutions… Rumberger calls upon all methodologies and various strands of programs to consider what possible solutions might look like. He is someone who is big on accountability, and consistent in the observation that systemic change will take time. He recognizes that students may drop out of a school, but much of the work to lessen dropping out will occur with families and in communities.—Bill Tierney, 21st Century Scholar

Russ Rumberger has written the definitive book on school dropouts. His learned analysis leads to recommendations for action to address this crisis.—Jack Jennings, President and CEO, Center on Education Policy

The standard work on one of the most troubling challenges in U.S. education—beautifully written, authoritative, and insightful, covering everything from the causes of dropping out to effective solutions.—Henry M. Levin, Columbia University

Dropouts have little future in the American economy, but about half of Latino and Black men are leaving school without the diplomas they need. Russ Rumberger has devoted his career to this issue and he powerfully documents the costs of dropouts to our society. This comprehensive book is an essential resource for reform.—Gary Orfield, University of California, Los Angeles

Russell Rumberger’s Dropping Out is the most thorough and timely analysis now available of the complex causes and terrible consequences of dropping out of high school. Rumberger provides teachers, administrators, and policymakers with essential knowledge to address a continuing crisis. Dropping Out demonstrates again the necessity of education in an information age economy, and shows how increasing high school graduation rates will be essential for local, state, and national economic strength.—Bob Wise, President, Alliance for Excellent Education

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