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The First Four Billion Years

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$32.00 • £25.95 • €29.00

ISBN 9780674062214

Publication Date: 11/30/2011


1008 pages

6-3/8 x 10 inches

145 figures

Belknap Press


If ever there were an education in a book, there’s one in this massive volume… What is most probably the commemorative par excellence of the Origin of Species sesquicentennial.—Ray Olson, Booklist (starred review)

Half essay collection, half encyclopedia, it’s packed with everything you’ll ever want or need to know about the science of evolution.—Zelda Roland, Wired

Evolution, which is slightly less than 1,000 pages long, covers almost every angle of its huge subject, from the perspective of science, religion, philosophy, and history.—Evan R. Goldstein, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Harvard’s blockbuster contribution to the Darwin anniversary is a substantial work at almost a thousand pages.London Review of Books

Evolution: The First Four Billion Years is as equally inviting and particularly timely in this bicentennial year of the birth of Charles Darwin and the ever-bubbling controversy with advocates of a creationist explanation for the mysteries of biology… The 16 explaining essays, followed by the second encyclopedic section offer the reader an easily and enjoyable access to what the fuss is all about and why it is important to get one’s own opinions based on reality. Life, after all, is too important.—James Srodes, The Washington Times

More than 100 authors contribute to the rich variety of excellent articles in this highly commendable and scholarly volume. The authors explore in detail evidence supporting the role of natural selection and other forces driving evolutionary change, and consider myriad controversies and unresolved issues in evolutionary science. Illustrative examples are drawn from all levels of life on Earth. The book critically examines distinctions between microevolution—which even religious Fundamentalists generally do not dispute—and the far more contentious macroevolution. Contributors also address the influence of evolution on philosophy, sociology, and religion and provide an excellent discussion of American antievolutionism and the ongoing controversy of teaching evolution versus intelligent design/creationism in schools.—D. A. Brass, Choice

Broad, engaging, and useful.—Gregg Sapp, Library Journal

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