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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 30: 2010

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322 pages

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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium


  • Preface
  • The Barefoot Kings: Literary Image and Reality in Later Medieval Ireland [Katharine Simms] (J. V. Kelleher Lecture)
  • Why the Mabinogi has Branches [Matthieu Boyd]
  • A Window on the Late Eighteenth-Century Scottish Highlands: The Songs of Mairearad Ghriogarach [Michel Byrne]
  • Various Things of Great Worth: The Wonders of India and Wales in Peniarth 15 [Kassandra Conley]
  • Celticism in Exile: the London Gaelic League, 1917–1921 [Darragh Gannon]
  • Beauty and the Feast: the Cultural Constructions of Female Beauty and Social Interaction in Twelfth-Century Wales [Susan M. Johns]
  • The Woman Who Wasn’t There: Preliminary Observations of the Perplexing Presence and Absence of the Character of Gráinne in the Tóruigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne [Edyta Lehmann]
  • The Bell Magazine and the “Gaelic Question”: Debates over Language and Literature in the Mid-Twentieth Century [Kelly Matthews]
  • Caitlín Maude’s “Impi”: Entreating Escape [Sarah E. McKibben]
  • In Quest of an Ancient Breton Literature [Jacques-Yves Mouton]
  • Abjection and Disorderly Elements of Corporeal Existence in the Irish-Language Poetry of Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Biddy Jenkinson [Caitríona Ni Chléirchín]
  • Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoghaire: Blood-drinking, Art’s Sister and Censorship in Father Peter O’Leary’s Manuscripts P and Pead [Méadhbh Ni an Airchinnigh]
  • Standard, Standardization and Assessments of Standardness in Irish [Noel P. ó Murchadha]
  • James Thomson’s The Seasons, Gone Gaelic: The Emergence of a Poetic Trend [Natasha Sumner]
  • Wise Women and Wanton Warriors in Early Irish Literature [Gregory Toner]
  • Irish Language Revival and ‘Cultural Chaos’: Sources and Scholars in Irish Language Journalism [Regina Uí Chollatáin]
  • Making the Journey from ‘Outsiders’ to ‘Insiders’: Attitudes and Experience of ‘Celtic’ culture and the Welsh Language among In-migrants in north Wales, 1970–2010 [Michelle Walker]
  • Abstracts of unpublished papers for Volume 30

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