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Harvard East Asian Monographs 340

Toward a History Beyond Borders

Contentious Issues in Sino–Japanese Relations

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Publication Date: 04/16/2012


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  • Acknowledgments
  • Chronologies, Tables, Documents, and Figures
  • Contributors
  • Introduction to the English Edition [Daqing Yang and Andrew Gordon]
  • Introduction to the Japanese Edition [Liu Jie]
  • 1. Modes of Narrating the History of Sino–Japanese Relations: The Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century [Motegi Toshio]
  • 2. A Prototype of Close Relations and Antagonism: From the First Sino–Japanese War to the Twenty-One Demands [Kawashima Shin]
  • 3. Sino–Japanese Diplomacy during Cycles of Mutual Antagonism: On the Eve of the Manchurian Incident [Liu Jie]
  • 4. Controversies over the Tanaka Memorial [Hattori Ryūji]
  • 5. Issues in the History of Manzhouguo: Contemporary and Succeeding Perspectives [Higuchi Hidemi]
  • 6. The Nanjing Atrocity: Is Constructive Dialogue Possible? [Daqing Yang]
  • 7. Wang Jingwei and the “Nanjing Nationalist Government”: Between Collaboration and Resistance [Liu Jie]
  • 8. Japan’s History Textbook System and Its Controversies [Mitani Hiroshi]
  • 9. Sino–Japanese Mutual Understanding as Seen in History Textbooks [Ibaraki Satoshi]
  • 10. Historical Perceptions of Taiwan’s Japan Era [Asano Toyomi]
  • 11. Politics and Commemoration in Postwar Japan [Murai Ryōta]
  • 12. From War Reparation to Postwar Reparation [Yang Zhihui]
  • 13. Historical Dialogue and Documentary Research [Kawashima Shin]
  • Postscript to the Japanese Edition [Mitani Hiroshi]
  • Index

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