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Framing Contract Law

An Economic Perspective

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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Some Concepts
    • 1. The Net Profits Puzzle
  • Part II: Consideration
    • 2. Reading Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon with Help from the Kewpie Dolls
    • 3. Mutuality and the Jobber’s Requirements: Middleman to the World
    • 4. Satisfaction Clauses: Consideration without Good Faith
    • 5. Postscript on Freedom from Contract
  • Part III: Interpretation
    • 6. Discretion in Long-Term Open Quantity Contracts: Reining in Good Faith
    • 7. In Search of Best Efforts: Reinterpreting Bloor v. Falstaff
    • 8. Columbia Nitrogen v. Royster: Do as They Say, Not as They Do
    • 9. The “Battle of the Forms”: Fairness, Efficiency, and the Best-Shot Rule
  • Part IV: Remedies
    • 10. Campbell v. Wentz: The Case of the Walking Carrots
    • 11. Expectation Damages and Property in the Price
    • 12. The Middleman’s Damages: Lost Profits or the Contract–Market Differential
    • 13. An Economic Analysis of the Lost-Volume Retail Seller
    • 14. Consequential Damages
    • 15. A Reexamination of Glanzer v. Shepard: Surveyors on the Tort–Contract Boundary
  • Part V: Option to Terminate
    • 16. Bloomer Girl Revisited, or How to Frame an Unmade Picture
    • 17. Bloomer Girl: A Postscript
    • 18. Wasserman v. Township of Middletown: The Penalty Clause That Wasn’t
  • Part VI: Impossibility, Related Doctrines, and Price Adjustment
    • 19. Price Adjustment in Long-Term Contracts
    • 20. Impossibility and Related Excuses
    • 21. Alcoa v. Essex: Anatomy of a Bungled Deal
    • 22. Mineral Park v. Howard: The Irrelevance of Impracticability
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Notes
  • References
  • Table of Cases
  • Index

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