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Endocrinology of Social Relationships

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Publication Date: 03/05/2012


512 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

1 halftone, 30 line illustrations, 12 tables


  • Introduction: Endocrinology of Social Relationships [Peter B. Gray and Peter T. Ellison]
  • Part I: Theoretical and Empirical Context
    • 1. Evolution and Ecological Diversity in Animal Mating and Parenting Systems [Phyllis C. Lee]
    • 2. Neuroendocrine Mechanisms Underlying Social Relationships [Kim Wallen and Janice Hassett]
    • 3. Social Relationships and Reproductive Ecology [Peter T. Ellison]
    • 4. Hormone–Behavior Interrelationships in a Changing Environment [John C. Wingfield]
    • 5. The Endocrinology of the Human Adaptive Complex [Jane B. Lancaster and Hillard S. Kaplan]
  • Part II: Social Relationships among Nonhuman Animals
    • 6. The Endocrinology of Social Relationships in Rodents [C. Sue Carter, Ericka Boone, Angela J. Grippo, Michael Ruscio, and Karen L. Bales]
    • 7. The Endocrinology of Family Relationships in Biparental Monkeys [Toni E. Ziegler and Charles T. Snowdon]
    • 8. Hormonal and Neurochemical Influences on Aggression in Group-Living Monkeys [Lynn A. Fairbanks]
    • 9. The Endocrinology of Intersexual Relationships in the Apes [Melissa Emery Thompson]
  • Part III: Social Relationships among Humans
    • 10. Human Sex Differences in Social Relationships: Organizational and Activational Effects of Androgens [Matthew H. McIntyre and Carole K. Hooven]
    • 11. The Role of Sex Hormones in the Initiation of Human Mating Relationships [James R. Roney]
    • 12. Human Male Testosterone, Pair Bonding, and Fatherhood [Peter B. Gray and Benjamin C. Campbell]
    • 13. Neurobiology of Human Maternal Care [Alison S. Fleming and Andrea Gonzalez]
    • 14. Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Human Social Behavior [Roxanne Sanchez, Jeffrey C. Parkin, Jennie Y. Chen, and Peter B. Gray]
    • 15. Androgens and Diversity in Adult Human Partnering [Sari M. van Anders]
    • 16. Early Life Influences on the Ontogeny of the Neuroendocrine Stress Response in the Human Child [Pablo Nepomnaschy and Mark Flinn]
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