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Moses Montefiore

Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero

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$22.50 • £18.95 • €20.50

ISBN 9780674064195

Publication Date: 05/07/2012


560 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

46 halftones, 4 maps, 2 charts

Belknap Press


  • List of Maps*
  • List of Illustrations**
  • Preface
  • Note to Readers
  • Introduction
  • 1. Livorno and London
  • 2. Making a Fortune
  • 3. A World beyond Business
  • 4. The Road to Jerusalem
  • 5. Rise, Sir Moses
  • 6. The Land of Milk and Honey
  • 7. The Damascus Affair
  • 8. Unity and Dissent
  • 9. Winds of Change in Russia
  • 10. Trial and Error
  • 11. The Crimean War and After
  • 12. The Mortara Affair
  • 13. Grief and Sore Troubles
  • 14. Mission to Marrakesh
  • 15. Building Jerusalem
  • 16. Crisis in Romania
  • 17. Fading Glory
  • 18. The Final Pilgrimage
  • 19. End of an Era
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A. Barent-Cohen Family Tree, Showing Judith’s Cohen and Rothschild Relatives
  • Appendix B. Montefiore Family Tree
  • Notes
  • Archives Consulted
  • Index
  • * Maps:
    • Route taken by the Montefiores on their first visit to Palestine, 1827–28
    • Route taken by the Montefiores on their visit to St. Petersburg, the Pale of Settlement, and the Kingdom of Poland, 1846
    • Palestine in the mid-nineteenth century
    • Route taken by Montefiore on his visit to Morocco, 1864
  • ** Illustrations:
    • Cover of Harper’s Weekly, October 20, 1883
    • Pastiche of the career of Sir Moses Montefiore
    • Interior of the Great Synagogue, Livorno
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elias Montefiore and four of their children
    • Portrait of Judith and Moses Montefiore
    • The Royal Exchange
    • Moses Montefiore as a young man
    • Cheapside
    • Isaac Lyon Goldsmid
    • Jerusalem from the road leading to Bethany
    • Fertility amulet belonging to Judith Montefiore
    • East Cliff Lodge, Ramsgate
    • Interior of the Montefiore synagogue at Ramsgate
    • Cartoon: “Immolation of the Jew!”
    • Dr. Louis Loewe
    • Distributing alms in Safed
    • Interview with Mehmed Ali in Alexandria
    • Adolphe Crémieux
    • Arriving in Alexandria
    • Port Constantinople
    • The Return of the Jewish Volunteer
    • The Montefiore Centerpiece
    • Tsar Nicholas I
    • The Great Synagogue, Vilna
    • Colonel George Gawler
    • Jaffa
    • Sir David Salomons
    • The Mosque of Omar
    • Title deeds to Montefiore’s land outside Jerusalem
    • Pope Pius IX
    • The Ghetto, Rome
    • Lady Judith Montefiore
    • Fugitive Jews at Gibraltar
    • The sultan’s palace in Marrakesh
    • The dahir granted Montefiore by the sultan of Morocco
    • The Montefiore windmill and almshouses at Jerusalem
    • Dr. Thomas Hodgkin
    • Addressing the threatening populace from the hotel at Bucharest
    • Visiting an orphanage in Thanet
    • The Montefiore Mausoleum and Synagogue, Ramsgate
    • The Lady Judith Theological College, Ramsgate
    • Sir Moses Montefiore in old age
    • The almshouses in Jerusalem
    • Sir Moses Montefiore: A “Hebrew of the Hebrews”
    • The Gothic Library, East Cliff Lodge
    • Testimonial to Montefiore on his hundredth birthday

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