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Genetic Explanations

Sense and Nonsense

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ISBN 9780674064461

Publication Date: 02/26/2013


384 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 graphs, 4 tables


  • Foreword [Richard Lewontin]
  • Introduction: Evolving Narratives of Genetic Explanation across Disciplines [Sheldon Krimsky]
  • Part I. New Understanding of Genetic Science
    • 1. The Mismeasure of the Gene [Ruth Hubbard]
    • 2. Evolution Is Not Mainly a Matter of Genes [Stuart A. Newman]
    • 3. Genes as Difference Makers [Evelyn Fox Keller]
    • 4. Big B, Little b: Myth #1 Is That Mendelian Genes Actually Exist [David S. Moore]
    • 5. The Myth of the Machine-Organism: From Genetic Mechanisms to Living Beings [Stephen L. Talbott]
  • Part II. Medical Genetics
    • 6. Some Problems with Genetic Horoscopes [Eva Jablonka]
    • 7. Cancer Genes: The Vestigial Remains of a Fallen Theory [Carlos Sonnenschein and Ana M. Soto]
    • 8. The Fruitless Search for Genes in Psychiatry and Psychology: Time to Reexamine a Paradigm [Jay Joseph and Carl Ratner]
    • 9. Assessing Genes as Causes of Human Disease in a Multicausal World [Carl F. Cranor]
    • 10. Autism: From Static Genetic Brain Defect to Dynamic Gene-Environment-Modulated Pathophysiology [Martha R. Herbert]
    • 11. The Prospects of Personalized Medicine [David Jones]
  • Part III. Genetics in Human Behavior and Culture
    • 12. The Persistent Influence of Failed Scientific Ideas [Jonathan Beckwith]
    • 13. Map Your Own Genes! The DNA Experience [Susan Lindee]
    • 14. Creating a “Better Baby”: The Role of Genetics in Contemporary Reproductive Practices [Shirley Shalev]
    • 15. Forensic DNA Evidence: The Myth of Infallibility [William C. Thompson]
    • 16. Nurturing Nature: How Parental Care Changes Genes [Mae-Wan Ho]
  • Conclusion: The Unfulfilled Promise of Genomics [Jeremy Gruber]
  • Notes
  • Selected Readings
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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