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Hellenic Studies Series 56

Imperial Geographies in Byzantine and Ottoman Space

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282 pages

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4 black and white line illustrations, 4 black and white photographs, 2 maps

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  • List of Contributors
  • Map 1. The Contraction of the Byzantine Empire (The Byzantine Empire in 565, 1025, 1143, 1330)
  • Map 2. The Expansion of the Ottoman Empire (The Ottoman Empire in 1300, 1481, 1512, 1683)
  • Introduction [Dimiter Angelov, Yota Batsaki, and Sahar Bazzaz]
  • 1. Constantine VII and the Historical Geography of Empire [Paul Magdalino]
  • 2. “Asia and Europe Commonly Called East and West”: Constantinople and Geographical Imagination in Byzantium [Dimiter Angelov]
  • 3. Cartography and the Ottoman Imperial Project in the Sixteenth Century [Pinar Emiralioğlu]
  • 4. Ferīdūn Beg’s Münşeʾātü ’s-Selāṭīn (“Correspondence of Sultans”) and Late-Sixteenth Century Ottoman Views of the Political World [Dimitris Kastritsis]
  • 5. Imperial Geography and War: The Ottoman Case [Antonis Anastasopoulos]
  • 6. Ambiguities of Sovereignty: Property Rights and Spectacles of Statehood in Tanzimat Izmir [Sibel Zandi-Sayek]
  • 7. Ottoman Arabs in Istanbul, 1860–1914: Perceptions of Empire, Experiences of the Metropole through the Writings of Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq [Rashid Rida, Jirji Zaydan, and Ilham Khuri-Makdisi]
  • 8. Evading Athens: Versions of a Post-Imperial, National Greek Landscape around 1830 [Constanze Güthenke]
  • 9. Translation as Geographical Relocation: Nineteenth-Century Greek Adaptations of Molière in the Ottoman Empire [Anna Stavrakopoulou]
  • 10. In “Third Space”: Between Crete and Egypt in Rhea Galanaki’s The Life of Ismail Ferik Pasha [Yota Batsaki]
  • 11. The Discursive Mapping of Sectarianism in Iraq: The Sunni Triangle in the Pages of the New York Times [Sahar Bazzaz]

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