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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 31: 2011

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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium

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  • Preface
  • In Memoriam Kenneth E. Nilson [Michael Linkletter]
  • Culture, Identity, and the Medieval Revival in Victorian Wales [Huw Pryce] (J.V. Kelleher Lecture)
  • Heritage Welsh: the Characteristics of Dormant Language [Erin D. Boon]
  • Apples on Willow Trees: A Metaphor for Grafting and Spiritual Succession of the Early Irish Saints’ Lives of Berach and Coemgen [Lindy Brady]
  • Divine Law in the Pauline Commentary of the Eighth-Century Hiberno-Latin Reference Bible [Bryan Carella]
  • Language Decline and the “Theory of Cornish Distinctiveness”: The Historiography of Language and Identity in Early Modern Cornwall [Stuart Dunmore]
  • Ystoria Adaf ac Efa y Wreic and the Place of Apocrypha in the White book of Rhydderch [Deborah Furchtgott]
  • The Choice of Bilingual Schools in Language Shift Situation in Brittany and in the Western Isles of Scotland [Fabienne Goalabré]
  • “The Knight of the Green Cloak” and Other Irish Folklore Marvels in Harvard Libraries [Barbara Hillers]
  • A Sheep in Wolf-Son’s Clothing? Lugaid Mac Con and Pseudo-Historical Etiology [Matthew Holmberg]
  • A Mixed-Media Folklore Trove: Celtic Folklore Collections in Harvard Libraries [Sim Innes and Barbara Hillers]
  • Creation and Redemption in Twelfth-Century Welsh Hagiography [Alice Hutton Sharp]
  • Three Major Forts to be Built for Her: Rewriting History through the Landscape in Breuddwyd Maxen Wledig [A. Joseph McMullen]
  • (Im)purity, Horror, and a Legendary Poet [Joseph Falaky Nagy]
  • Reasoning Why after Fifty Years: The Easter Rising in Eoghan Ó Tuairisc’s Dé Luain (1966) [Philip O’Leary]
  • Evidence for Indo-European Acrostatic Presents in Old Irish? [Ryan Sandell]
  • Bragmaticus omnibus brittonibus: David, Sulien, and an Ecclesiastical Dynasty in Conquest-Era Wales [Sara Zeiser]
  • Abstracts of unpublished papers for volume 31
  • A Reminiscence [Kenneth E. Nilson]

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