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Beyond the Great Story

History as Text and Discourse

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Publication Date: 09/01/1997


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  • Preface
  • 1. The Postmodernist Challenge
    • Interdisciplinary Challenges
    • Debating the Implications
    • A Problematic Defense
    • Texts and Contexts
    • Clio at the Crossroads
  • 2. Narratives and Historicization
    • The Paradigm of Normal History
    • Contextualism as a Methodology
    • The Multiple Roles of Narrativization
    • Great Stories and the Search for a Larger Context
  • 3. Historical Representations and Truthfulness
    • Interpretations and Historical Realism
    • The Fallacy of a Single Right or Best Interpretation
    • The Insufficiency of Facts
    • Representation and Referentiality as Interpretive Structures
    • The Role of Meta-Understanding
    • History versus Fiction
    • Contrasting Views of History as a Text
    • Interpretation, Metahistory, and Truthfulness
  • 4. The New Rhetoric, Poetics, and Criticism
    • Toward Historical Criticism
    • A Formal Taxonomy of Textual Analysis
    • Beyond Style
    • The New Rhetoric of History
    • A New Poetics of Historical Criticism
  • 5. Emplotment: Historicizing Time
    • The Time of Normal History
    • Textual or Discourse Time versus Chronological Time
    • History versus Chronology: The Problem of Patterning
    • The Nature and Uses of Emplotment
    • Beginnings, Middles, and Endings
    • Emplotment as Meaning and Lesson
    • Toward a Poetics of Emplotment
    • Narrativity and the Great Past
  • 6. Partiality as Voice and Viewpoint
    • The Problems of Partiality
    • The Historian in the Text
    • Voice and Viewpoint
  • 7. Representing Multiple Viewpoints and Voices
    • New Viewpoints on History
    • Changing the Representation of Otherness
    • The Question of Representativeness
    • Multiculturalism and Normal History
    • The Reorientation of Anthropology
    • Toward a Dialogic Ideal
  • 8. Politics and Paradigms
    • The Politics of Historical Practice
    • The Politics of Viewpoint
    • Foundations of Authority
    • The Politics of Paradigms
    • The Politics of the Medium versus the Message
  • 9. Reflexive (Con)Textualization
    • A Basic Guide
    • Theories, Models, Images
    • Toward New Historicizations
    • Transforming Historical Practice
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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