The wave of diverse younger talents that emerged during the recent boom times is [well-served] by Wes Davis in his voluminous Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry, a handsome production from Harvard… The poets get room to breathe here, in generous selections of up to twenty poems, and each is prefaced by a brief critical-biographical essay that manages to be both unfussy and well informed.—Gerald Mangan, The Times Literary Supplement

The book includes upwards of 50 poets—and there’s not a dull page in it. Editor Wes Davis’s selection is judicious, while his introduction and notes are as informative as they are brief.—Richard Tillinghast, The Wall Street Journal

This is a book to be grateful for.—Robert Gray, The Australian

This is a book that in every sense deserves a broad readership… An anthology ultimately stands or falls on the strength of the work that it collects. In this regard, especially, An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry is a notable success.—Bill Coyle, New Criterion

An incredible bargain, this beautifully produced book (the spacious creamy pages are a great comfort to screen-weary eyeballs), with compact introduction and judicious notes by the editor, has a gem on every page.—Tom D’Evelyn, The Providence Journal

It is good to see that Irish poetry thrives on the examples of Kinsella, Montague, Longley, Heaney, Mahon, and their colleagues. Younger poets make a different call on our attention: it will take us a little while to see where they stand in relation to their established elders. Davis’s anthology will help us immensely in those questionings. His notes are helpful, never intrusive. No one could have presented the poems more handsomely. A splendid, notably generous selection.—Denis Donoghue

A bountiful selection, displaying much of the range and vigour of poetry in two languages. The Anthology pits the mundane against the mythical, valuably emphasising the ways in which Irish artists explore the ordinary universe and everyday life.—Declan Kiberd

‘Irish poets, learn your trade,’ enjoined Yeats. ‘Sing whatever is well made.’ They did, they do. Ireland’s contemporary poets, wherever they now live, have made a new poetry as rich and strange, as varied and touching, as the language can be. Wes Davis’s extraordinary anthology is itself an island—a place apart in the heart of things, and an unparalleled view onto writing that soars and crackles and thrills. I’ve already put it onto my short shelf of indispensable books!—J. D. McClatchy

A much-needed volume, and one that will quickly become indispensable to readers of poetry as well as those interested in all things Irish. This is a publishing event…a great achievement.—David Mikics, University of Houston

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