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The Crisis of Neoliberalism

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ISBN 9780674072244

Publication Date: 03/18/2013


400 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

76 line illustrations, 6 charts, 21 tables


  • Introduction
  • I. The Strategy of the U.S. Upper Classes in Neoliberalism: The Success and Failure of a Bold Endeavor
    • 1. The Historical Dynamics of Hegemony
    • 2. Anatomy of a Crisis
  • II. The Second Reign of Finance: Classes and Financial Institutions
    • 3. The Benefit of Upper Income Brackets
    • 4. The Apotheosis of Capital
  • III. A Tripolar Class Configuration: Breaking Wage-Earning Homogeneity
    • 5. The Managerial and Popular Classes
    • 6. A Theoretical Framework
  • IV. Financialization and Globalization: Lifting Barriers—Losing Control
    • 7. A New Financial Sector
    • 8. Free Trade and the Global Financial Boom after 2000
    • 9. A Fragile and Unwieldy Structure
  • V. Neoliberal Trends: The U.S. Macro Trajectory
    • 10. Declining Accumulation and Growing Disequilibria
    • 11. The Mechanics of Imbalance
  • VI. From the Housing Boom to the Financial Crisis: U.S. Macroeconomics After 2000
    • 12. The Second Reprieve: The Housing Boom and Crash
    • 13. Feeding the Mortgage Wave
    • 14. Losing Control of the Helm in Times of Storm
  • VII. Financial Crisis: Storm in the Center—Global Capitalism Shaken
    • 15. A Stepwise Process
    • 16. The Seismic Wave
    • 17. The Financial Structure Shaken
    • 18. The State to the Rescue of the Financial Sector
    • 19. The Great Contraction
    • 20. World Capitalism Unsettled
  • VIII. The Shadow of the Great Depression: Difficult Transitions
    • 21. Eighty Years Later
    • 22. Policies and Politics of the New Deal
  • IX. A New Social and Global Order: The Economics and Politics of the Postcrisis
    • 23. Economic Requirements
    • 24. The National Factor
    • 25. Beyond Neoliberalism
  • Appendix A. The Dynamics of Imbalance: A Model
  • Appendix B. Sources
  • Appendix C. Acronyms
  • Notes
  • Index

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