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No Enemies, No Hatred

Selected Essays and Poems

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ISBN 9780674072329

Publication Date: 05/13/2013


400 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Belknap Press


  • Foreword by Václav Havel
  • Introduction by Perry Link
  • Part I. Politics with Chinese Characteristics
    • Listen Carefully to the Voices of the Tiananmen Mothers: Reading the Unedited Interview Transcripts of Family Members Bereaved by the Massacre
      • Poem: Your Seventeen Years
      • Poem: Standing amid the Execrations of Time
    • To Change a Regime by Changing a Society
    • The Land Manifestos of Chinese Farmers
    • Xidan Democracy Wall and China’s Enlightenment
    • The Spiritual Landscape of the Urban Young in Post-Totalitarian China
      • Poem: What One Can Bear
      • Poem: A Knife Slid into the World
    • Bellicose and Thuggish: The Roots of Chinese “Patriotism” at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century
    • State Ownership of Land Is the Authorities’ Magic Wand for Forced Eviction
    • A Deeper Look into Why Child Slavery in China’s “Black Kilns” Could Happen
    • The Significance of the “Weng’an Incident”
  • Part II. Culture and Society
    • Epilogue to Chinese Politics and China’s Modern Intellectuals
    • On Living with Dignity in China
      • Poem: Looking Up at Jesus
    • Elegy to Lin Zhao, Lone Voice of Chinese Freedom
    • Ba Jin: The Limp White Flag
      • Poem: Alone in Winter
      • Poem: Van Gogh and You
    • The Erotic Carnival in Recent Chinese History
      • Poem: Your Lifelong Prisoner
    • From Wang Shuo’s Wicked Satire to Hu Ge’s Egao: Political Humor in a Post-Totalitarian Dictatorship
    • Yesterday’s Stray Dog Becomes Today’s Guard Dog
      • Poem: My Puppy’s Death
    • Long Live the Internet
    • Imprisoning People for Words and the Power of Public Opinion
  • Part III. China and the World
    • Behind the “China Miracle”
    • Behind The Rise of the Great Powers
      • Poem: To St. Augustine
      • Poem: Hats Off to Kant
    • The Communist Party’s “Olympic Gold Medal Syndrome”
    • Hong Kong Ten Years after the Handover
    • So Long as Han Chinese Have No Freedom, Tibetans Will Have No Autonomy
      • Poem: One Morning
      • Poem: Distance
    • Obama’s Election, the Republican Factor, and a Proposal for China
  • Part IV. Documents
    • The June Second Hunger Strike Declaration
      • Poem: You • Ghosts • The Defeated
    • A Letter to Liao Yiwu
      • Poem: Feet So Cold, So Small
    • Using Truth to Undermine a System Built on Lies: Statement of Thanks in Accepting the Outstanding Democracy Activist Award
    • Charter 08
    • My Self-Defense
    • I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement
    • The Criminal Verdict: Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court Criminal Judgment No. 3901 (2009)
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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