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The I Tatti Renaissance Library 57

Latin Poetry

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Publication Date: 04/22/2013


560 pages

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Villa I Tatti > The I Tatti Renaissance Library


  • Introduction
  • Latin Poetry
    • Syphilis, or the French Disease
      • Book I
      • Book II
      • Book III
    • Joseph
      • Book I
      • Book II
    • Carmina
      • I. Alcon, or On the care of hunting dogs
      • II. On the death of Marcantonio della Torre
      • III. On the death of Paolo and Giulio, Fracastoro’s sons
      • IV. To Daniele Rainieri, prefect of Verona
      • V. To Giovanni Matteo Giberti, bishop of Verona
      • VI. To Marguerite Valois, queen of Navarre
      • VII. To Marcantonio Flaminio and Galeazzo Florimonte
      • VIII. To Francesco della Torre of Verona
      • IX. On the death of Eriprando Madruzzo
      • X. To Cardinal Alessandro Farnese
      • XI. To the same illustrious cardinal
      • XII. To Pope Julius III
      • XIII. Fragment
      • XIV. Fragment, to Giovanni Battista della Torre
      • XV. Winter, to the same
      • XVI. Spring, to the same
      • XVII. Fragment, to the same
      • XVIII. Another fragment
      • XIX. Another fragment, to the same
      • XX. Another fragment
      • XXI. On the birthday of Giano Fregoso
      • XXII. On the birth of a son to Victoria Farnese
      • XXIII. The tomb of Francesco Maria Molza of Modena
      • XXIV. To Giovanni Lippomano
      • XXV. On the death of Giovanni Battista da Monte
      • XXVI. To Gian Matteo Giberti
      • XXVII. To the same
      • XXVIII. To the same
      • XXIX. To the same
      • XXX. On the Marsango rivulet
      • XXXI. On the same
      • XXXII. From the end of the Homocentrica
      • XXXIII. From the first book On Contagious Diseases
      • XXXIV. From the third book of the same work
      • XXXV. From the Dialogue on Poetry
      • XXXVI. From the first book On Intellection
      • XXXVII. From the same book
      • XXXVIII. At the end of the same book
      • XXXIX. From the second book On Intellection
      • XL. From the same book
      • XLI. From the Dialogue on the Soul
      • XLII. From the same dialogue: Psyche
      • XLIII. An ancient epigram, from Blending Wine
      • XLIV. To Bacchus, the conciliator
      • XLV. On the flight of Emperor Charles V
      • XLVI. On the death of Marcantonio della Torre
      • XLVII. An offering of thanks to Marcantonio Flaminio
      • XLVIII. [Untitled]
      • XLIX. [Untitled]
      • L. Fragments of a poem in praise of Giberti
      • LI. Fragment of an eclogue in praise of Giberti
      • LII. Fragment on poisons
      • LIII. Fragment on poisons
      • LIV. Another fragment
      • LV. Beginning of the Syphilis, another version
      • LVI. On the death of M. Giberti
      • LVII. [Untitled]
  • Note on the Text
  • Notes to the Text
  • Notes to the Translation
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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