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The Business of Enlightenment

A Publishing History of the Encyclopédie, 1775–1800

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ISBN 9780674087866

Publication Date: 01/01/1987


638 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Belknap Press


  • I. Introduction: The Biography of a Book
  • II. The Genesis of a Speculation in Publishing
    • The Neuchâtel Reprint Plan
    • From the Reprint to the Revised Edition
    • Joseph Duplain and His Quarto Encyclopédie
    • Publishing, Politics, and Panckoucke
    • From the Revised Edition to the Quarto
    • The Paris Conference of 1777
    • The Basis of a Bonne Affaire
  • III. Juggling Editions
    • The “Second Edition”
    • The Origins of the “Third Edition”
    • Imbroglios
    • The Neuchâtel Imprint
    • Opening Gambits of the Final Negotiations
    • Duel by Lettre Ostensible
    • The Last Turn of the Screw
    • The Contract
  • IV. Piracy and Trade War
    • Pirate Raids
    • The Octavo Publishers and Their Encyclopédie
    • The Origins of the Quarto–Octavo War
    • The Final Failure of Diplomacy
    • Open War
    • Pourparlers for Peace
    • A Drôle de Paix
  • V. Bookmaking
    • Strains on the Production System
    • Procuring Paper
    • Copy
    • Recruiting Workers
    • Setting Wages
    • Pacing Work and Managing Labor
    • Printing: Technology and the Human Element
  • VI. Diffusion
    • Managerial Problems and Polemics
    • Marketing
    • Booksellers
    • Prices and Consumers
    • The Sales Pattern
    • Subscribers, A Case Study
    • Diffusion in France
    • Diffusion Outside France
    • Reading
  • VII. Settling Accounts
    • The Hidden Schism of 1778
    • A Preliminary Règlement de Comples
    • The Feud Between Duplain and the STN
    • Marketing Maneuvers
    • The Perrin Affair
    • The Anatomy of a Swindle
    • The Final Confrontation in Lyons
    • Dénouement
    • Epilogue
  • VIII. The Ultimate Encyclopédie
    • The Origins of the Encyclopédie Méthodique
    • The Climactic Moment in Enlightenment Publishing
    • The Liégeois Settlement
    • Panckoucke’s Conception of the Supreme Encyclopédie
    • Panckoucke as an Editor
    • The Authors of the Méthodique
    • Two Generations of Encyclopedists
    • From Voltairianism to Professionalism
    • Launching the Biggest Book of the Century
  • IX. Encyclopedism, Capitalism, and Revolution
    • Panckoucke ’s Folly
    • From Encyclopedism to Jacobinism
    • An Enlightenment Publisher in a Cultural Revolution
    • The Last of the Encyclopedists
  • X. Conclusion
    • The Production and Diffusion of Enlightenment
    • Enlightenment Publishing and the Spirit of Capitalism
    • The Encyclopédie and the State
    • The Cultural Revolution
  • Appendices
    • A. Contracts of the Encyclopédie Publishers, 1776–1780
    • B. Subscriptions to the Quarto Encyclopédie
    • C. Incidence of Subscriptions in Major French Cities
    • D. Contributors to the Encyclopédie Méthodique
  • Bibliographical Note
  • Index

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