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Elegy for Theory

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ISBN 9780674088153

Publication Date: 09/28/2015


304 pages


  • In Place of Beginning…
  • 1. A Compass in a Moving World
  • 2. Many Lines of Descent
  • 3. Theoria as Practical Philosophy
  • 4. The Sage Is Wise Only in Theory
  • 5. Variations and Discontinuities: Aesthetic
  • 6. How Art Found Theory
  • 7. Philosophy before the Arts
  • 8. The Rarity of Theory
  • 9. On the History of Film Theory
  • 10. Genres of Theory
  • 11. Excursus: Ricciotto Canudo and the Aesthetic Discourse
  • 12. On the Way to Language
  • 13. The Travels of Formalism
  • 14. An Uncertain and Irrational Art
  • 15. A Small History of Structuralism
  • 16. After the Long Eclipse
  • 17. An Object, a Method, a Domain
  • 18. A Care for the Claims of Theory
  • 19. The Sense of an Ending
  • 20. “Suddenly, an Age of Theory”
  • 21. The Fifth Element
  • 22. “A Struggle without End, Exterior and Interior
  • 23. Becoming a Subject in Theory
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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