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Series on Latin American Studies 31

Reflections on Memory and Democracy

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Publication Date: 03/14/2016


  • Acknowledgments
  • Prologue: Arpilleras [Marjorie Agosín]
    • 1. Introduction: Democracies in the Shadow of Memory [Merilee S. Grindle]
  • I. Remembering and Democracy: Memory and Its Place in Democratic Institutions
    • 2. Memory as a Pillar for Democracy and Reconciliation in Chile [Sergio Bitar]
    • 3. Searching for Irma: A Public and Private Quest for Memory [June Erlick]
    • 4. Unearthing Haiti’s Buried Memories [Michèle Montas]
    • 5. Memory and the Search for a Democratic Society [Salomón Lerner Febres]
  • II. The Challenges of “Capturing” Memory
    • 6. Operation Memory: Contemporary Argentine Novelists Wrestle with History [Marguerite Feitlowitz]
    • 7. Acts of Opening, Acts of Freedom: Women Write Mexico 1968 (Roberta Avendaño’s On Freedom and Imprisonment) [Susana Draper]
    • 8. Preserving Maya Oral Literature Through Recorded Memories [Ava Berinstein]
  • III. Citizenship and Democratic Futures
    • 9. The Weight of the Past, the Politics of the Present, and the Future of Democracy in Brazil and the Southern Cone [Frances Hagopian]
    • 10. The Memory of Politics: Pre-Coup Democracy and Chile’s Democratic Transition [Peter Winn]
    • 11. A Place for the Dead in the City of the Living: The Central Cemetery of Bogotá [Paolo Vignolo]
    • 12. Summing Up: Many Voices, Many Histories, Many Memories [Erin Goodman]
  • Appendix: Conference Program

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