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The Road from Mont Pèlerin

The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective, With a New Preface

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ISBN 9780674088344

Publication Date: 11/16/2015


496 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


The volume’s contributors make heavy use of original archival materials and make good on the editors’ promise to expose the complexity, nuance and plurality of neoliberal thought—a belief system that has constructed and re-constructed itself and the world… The Road from Mont Pèlerin is indispensable for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of neoliberalism, whether as an end in itself or as a means for constructing alternative, non-neoliberal futures.—Daniel Kinderman, Critical Policy Studies

The Road from Mont Pèlerin reminds us that social movements succeed by drawing in many others who undertake the work that actually drives the movement forward. The book is full of stories of those individuals and related organizations that formed strategies, carried out the logistics and legwork, and brought legislators and others into contact with [Mont Pèlerin Society] ideas. In other words, if you work on post-war history of economics, there is almost no reason not to read this book.—Ross B. Emmett, Journal of the History of Economic Thought

The Road from Mont Pèlerin uncovers and lays bare the origins of one of the most important political phenomena of our time—the development of the neoliberal discourse coalition that has come to shape the modern political economy.—Frank Fischer, Rutgers University

This excellent book contributes significantly to our understanding of the origins of neoliberalism and its transformation into political discourse and policy.—Steven Lukes, New York University

A fascinating and important book, one that speaks in radical, perceptive, and provocative ways to contemporary debates around neoliberalism.—Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia

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