Cover: Writing Technology in Meiji Japan: A Media History of Modern Japanese Literature and Visual Culture, from Harvard University PressCover: Writing Technology in Meiji Japan in HARDCOVER

Harvard East Asian Monographs 387

Writing Technology in Meiji Japan

A Media History of Modern Japanese Literature and Visual Culture

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ISBN 9780674088412

Publication Date: 01/18/2016


  • List of Figures
  • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction
      • Balloon Ride
      • Systems of Writing Things Down
      • The Paper Trail
  • I. Discourse Networks of Meiji Japan
    • 1. Standardizing Measures
      • Standing-Reserve
      • Standards and Conventions
    • 2. Telegraph and Post
      • Maejima Hisoka
      • Instant Messaging
      • Secret Correspondences
    • 3. Wiring Meiji Japan: From Hokusai’s Postcard to Mokuami’s Telegraph
      • The Postcard That Goes Undelivered
      • Telegraphing the Imagined Community from Yasukuni Shrine
  • II. Scripting National Language
    • 4. Japanese in Plain English
      • Mori Arinori and the Anglophone Roots of Modern Japanese
      • Nishi Amane’s Case for Romanization
    • 5. Phonetic Shorthand
      • Phonography and Verbal Photography
      • Hooked on Phonics
    • 6. Parsing Visible Speech
      • Alexander Melville Bell and the Human Speaking Machine
      • Isawa Shūji and Imperial Linguistics
  • III. “Writing Things Down Just as They Are”
    • 7. Regime Change
      • Utsushi: Between Calligraphy and Photography
      • Hanashi: Constellations of Speech
      • True History, Duly Noted: Yano’s Political Novel Illustrious Statesmen of Thebes
    • 8. The Haunted Origins of Modern Japanese Literature
      • The Transcriptive Realism of Sanyūtei Enchō’s The Peony Lantern
      • The Transparency of the Novel
  • IV. The Limits of Realism
    • 9. Masaoka Shiki’s Scribblings
      • The Statistical Death of Japanese Poetry
      • Sketching from Life
    • 10. Scratching Records with Sōseki’s Cat
      • Feline Amanuensis
      • The Discourse of Noses
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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