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Focus on Latin American Art and Agency 4

Cultural Agents Reloaded

The Legacy of Antanas Mockus

Edited by Carlo Tognato

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ISBN 9780674088559

Publication Date: 06/04/2018


646 pages

6-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches

78 halftones, 15 line illustrations

The Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University > Focus on Latin American Art and Agency


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  • Acknowledgements
  • Translator’s Note
  • I. Introduction
    • Cultural Agents Reloaded through Antanas Mockus [Carlo Tognato]
  • II. Visual Essay
    • Moral Costumes (What Is the Use of Considering Antanas Mockus an Artist?) [José Luis Falconi]
    • 25 Programs of Cultura Ciudadana [José Luis Falconi]
  • III. Essays
    • 1. “Por Amor al Arte”: Haber-Mockus Plays with the Possible [Doris Sommer]
    • 2. BOGOTÁ: Between the Violence of Chaos and Civic Creativity [Jesús Martín-Barbero]
    • 3. Transforming Expectations through Cultura Ciudadana [Henry Murraín]
    • 4. Effective Rule of Law Requires Construction of a Social Norm of Legal Obedience [Gerry Mackie]
    • 5. Social Norms and the Cross-Border Citizen: From Adam Smith to Antanas Mockus [Fonna Forman]
    • 6. Social Reform and the Limits of Education [Jaime Ramos]
    • 7. Antanas Mockus, The Academic [Carlos Augusto Hernández]
    • 8. Law, Morality, and Culture at School [Enrique Chaux and Andrea Bustamante]
    • 9. Antanas Mockus as Pedagogue: Communicative Action, Civility, and Freedom [Javier Sáenz Obregón]
    • 10. Mockus the Artist, Mockus the Idiot [Lucas Ospina]
    • 11. The Dark Side of Mooning: Antanas Mockus, between Norm and Transgression [Paolo Vignolo]
  • IV. Interviews
    • 1. Interview with Paul Bromberg [Carlo Tognato]
    • 2. Interview with Rocío Londoño [Carlo Tognato]
    • 3. Interview with Efraín Sánchez [Carlo Tognato]
    • 4. Interview with Jon Elster [Carlo Tognato]
  • V. Commentaries
    • 1. On the Significance of Antanas Mockus [Fabio López de la Roche]
    • 2. A Comment on Cultural Agency Reloaded [Andrés Salcedo]
    • 3. Power and Culture: A Pair to Cut Down to Size [Alejandra Jaramillo]
    • 4. Rethinking Antanas Mockus [Marta Zambrano]
    • 5. Engendering Responses to the Work of Antanas Mockus [Marsha Henry]
    • 6. Antanas Mockus, Insider/Outsider [Francisco Thoumi]
    • 7. Breaking Out of the Ivory Tower… [Fabián Sanabria]
  • VI. Conclusion
    • Peaceful Play as a Basis for Pleasurable Government [Antanas Mockus]
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