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Constitutional Morality and the Rise of Quasi-Law

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Publication Date: 06/13/2016


304 pages

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This thoughtful book examines the rise of ‘quasi-law,’ the group of executive orders, waivers from legislation, presidential directives, signing statements, and the like that have the obligatory effect of law but depart from proper constitutional process as the framers instituted it… This is a welcome addition to the understanding of the current status of American constitutionalism.—M. Blitz, Choice

This book provides a forceful and insightful account of both the structural demise of the rule of law and the corruption of the language of public discourse. It recasts our understanding of the American constitutional experiment and its prospects for the future.—Filippo Sabetti, McGill University

Frohnen and Carey retrieve a conservative constitutionalism that depends on habits of mind and personal virtue to stabilize a good political order. Even those who, like me, disagree with many of the argument’s details, examples, and prescriptions will profit from grappling with its basic thrust.—Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School

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