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Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic

Essays in the History of the Religion of Israel

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  • Abbreviations
  • I. The Religion of Canaan and the God of Israel
    • 1. The God of the Fathers
    • 2. ʿEl and the God of the Fathers
      • ʿEl in the Ugaritic Pantheon
      • The Epithets of ʿEl
      • ʿEl in the Canaanite Myth
      • ʿEl and Baʿl Ḥamōn
      • The Abode of ʿEl
      • ʿEl the Divine Patriarch
    • 3. Yahweh and ʿEl
      • ʿEl in the Bible
      • ʿEl Epithets in Patriarchal Narratives
      • The Name Yahweh
  • II. The Cultus of the Israelite League
    • 4. Prolegomena
      • The Myth and Ritual School
      • The History-of-Redemption School
    • 5. The Divine Warrior
      • Psalm 24 and the Warrior-King
      • The “Ritual Conquest”
      • Transformations of the “Ritual Conquest”
    • 6. The Song of the Sea and Canaanite Myth
      • The Mythic Cycle of Baʿl and ʿAnat
      • The Song of the Sea
  • III. League and Kingdom
    • 7. Yahweh and Baʿl
      • The Theophany of Bʿl
      • The Storm Theophany in the Bible
      • The Revelation at Sinai
      • History of the Tradition of the Storm Theophany
      • ʿEl&rsqu;s Modes of Revelation
      • Yahweh and the Council of the Gods
      • Baʿl versus Yahweh
    • 8. The Priestly Houses of Early Israel
      • The Classical View of Israel’s Early Priesthood
      • The Function of the Stories of Conflict
      • The Priestly Genealogies
      • The Priests of David’s National Shrine
  • IV. Kings and Prophets
    • 9. The Ideologies of Kingship in the Era of the Empire: Conditional Covenant and Eternal Decree
      • The Limited Monarchy of Saul and Monarchy in the Northern Kingdom
      • Davidic Kingship
      • The Imperial Rule of Solomon
      • The Judaean Royal Theology
      • The Typology of the Royal Ideology
      • A Brief Excursus on bērīt, “Covenant”
    • 10. The Themes of the Book of Kings and the Structure of the Deuteronomistic History
      • The Contemporary Discussion of the Structure of the Deuteronomistic History
      • The Two Themes of the First Edition of the History (Dtr²)
      • The Two Editions of the Deuteronomistic History
  • V. Exile and Apocalyptic
    • 11. The Priestly Work
      • The So-Called P-Source of the Pentateuch
      • The P System of Covenants
      • Is P a Narrative Source?
      • Documents Used by P
      • Archaizing Language in P
      • The Date of P
      • The Composition of the Priestly Work
    • 12. The Early History of the Apocalyptic Community at Qumrân
      • The Archaeological Context of the Qumrân
      • Qumrân and the Essenes
      • The Essenes: Priestly Apocalyptists
      • Essene Origins
      • A Note on the Study of Apocalyptic Origins
  • Index of Biblical Citations
  • Index of Ugaritic Citations
  • Index of Technical Terms
  • Index of Authors
  • General Index

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