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Caring for Depression

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ISBN 9780674097308

Publication Date: 05/15/1999


264 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

RAND Corporation


  • Preface
  • 1. The Despair beyond Despair
    • Why Depression Is a Clinical Concern
    • Why Depression Is a Policy Concern
    • How We Studied Care for Depression
    • The Organization of This Book
  • 2. Depression and Its Treatment
    • What Is Depression?
    • What Causes Depression?
    • Clinical Management and Treatment of Depression
    • How Depression Is Actually Treated
    • Improving the Quality of Depression Care
  • 3. The Social Role of Depression and Health Care Policy
    • Societal Impact of Depression
    • Social Costs of Depression
    • Health Care Policy and Care of Depression
  • 4. Evaluating Health Care Systems
    • Observational and Experimental Designs
    • MOS Depression Measurement Framework
    • The Design of the MOS
  • 5. Measuring Quality of Care and Outcomes
    • Process of Care
    • Outcomes of Care
    • Choosing Measures of Quality and Outcomes of Care
  • 6. Social and Clinical Factors
    • Prevalence of Depression
    • How Depression Affects Functioning and Well-Being
    • The Distribution of Depressed Patients across Practice Settings
  • 7. How Treatment Differs by Specialty and Payment
    • Detection
    • Psychotropic Medication
    • Counseling and Interpersonal Style of Care
    • Plan Choice, Utilization, and Continuity of Care
  • 8. Health Outcomes
    • Clinical Outcomes in Actual Practice Settings
    • Payment Differences in Outcomes
  • 9. Cost-Effective Care
    • Methods
    • Processes of Care and Outcomes: The Model Parameters
    • Simulating Quality Improvement and Patient Shifting
    • Costs, Health Outcomes, and Value of Care
    • What We Can Learn from This Analysis
  • 10. Depression in a Changing Health Care Environment
    • Studying Effectiveness
    • Impacts of Different Types of Depression
    • Differences in Payment Systems and Provider Specialty Sectors
    • Payment Systems and Health Outcomes
    • Making Care More Cost-Effective
    • Policy Implications
  • Appendix A. Scoring Rules and Item Content for Health-Related Quality-of-Life Measures
  • Appendix B. Scoring Rules and Item Content for Process of Clinical Care Measures
  • Appendix C. Descriptive Statistics for Outcome Measures
  • Notes
  • Reference
  • Index

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