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The Caring Physician

The Life of Dr. Francis W. Peabody

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ISBN 9780674097384

Publication Date: 11/01/1991


232 pages

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Boston Medical Library in the Countway Library of Medicine


In a sensitively written biography, Dr. Paul brings to life Dr. Francis Peabody, a model physician whose guiding force was the care of the patient through understanding and love. This now legendary physician was active in the beginnings of three major medical institutions—the Rockefeller Hospital, the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory of the Boston City Hospital. A clinical scientist, an authority on typhoid fever and poliomyelitis, active in the China Medical Commission, he was also an eyewitness to Lenin’s Revolution in November 1917. His contemporaries described him as a beloved teacher ‘with an inner symmetry of intelligence and heart.’ Stricken with metastatic disease at age 44, he possessed his soul in peace, free of outward worry and anxiety, and with a reconciliation of biological and spiritual values. During the final weeks of his life, and despite the gravity of his condition, he wrote of his reactions to the injections of morphine, and of his concept of the roles of research, education, and patient care in a modern medical setting. This book, like Peabody’s life, is an inspiration.—Joseph E. Murray, 1991 Nobel Laureate in Medicine

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