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Cerebral Dominance

The Biological Foundations

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ISBN 9780674106598

Publication Date: 10/15/1988


243 pages


Well written, conveys a wealth of information in a few hundred pages, and is obviously stimulating. It provides a new perspective for ophthalmic and neurophthalmic investigators and, like any truly new perspective, it comes from an unexpected direction. Geschwind…has left us a rich legacy of which this book is only a part.—Simmons J. Lessell, Archives of Opthalmology

Clearly written and engaging accounts of state-of-the-art research on relatively precise topics… The result is a stimulating insight into the current status and possible future potential of a burgeoning area of neuroscience.—J. Graham Beaumont, Biological Psychology

This book is exacting. It requires to be read, not skimmed. The text is conceptually stimulating… Geschwind was undoubtedly one of the most scholarly and creative behavioural neurologists of our epoch. Above all, he was a catalyst. This book should trigger further conceptual and technical advances in the field.—Freda Newcombe, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Filled with contributions from investigators working at the forefront of knowledge… The chapters are well-written, integrative, state-of-the-art reports.—Sally P. Springer, Quarterly Review of Biology

This is an exciting collection…that presents a sizeable quantity of background information for this relatively new field of biological investigation… As a guidebook and reference source for future research, this volume may prove invaluable.—D. Frank Benson, Trends in Neurosciences

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