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China in Transformation

Edited by Tu Wei-ming

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Publication Date: 01/01/1994


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Provides thought-provoking insights into China as it changes—or refuses to change—and should have wide appeal.—Marjorie Dryburgh, Asian Affairs

China in Transformation is a fascinating and timely book which brings together twelve scholars from very different specialties—philosophy, history, literature, law, sociology, anthropology, political science, and religion—to analyze the complexities and possibilities of China’s future… There are many…important themes in this vibrant volume, and I encourage readers to see for themselves what this project contains.—William A. Callahan, China Review International

As a short-term ideology (writes Professor Perry Link, in [this] insightful eleven chapter symposium…tightly edited by Professor Tu Wei-Ming)…to ‘make money’ does hold out advantages for China. More wealth might sweeten the bitter lives of the still large peasant population, family enterprise long dormant might once more flourish, parallel freedoms might ensue and so on. Yet to make money, ‘can only be a stopgap’…[and] is clearly not the end of the story.—Malcolm Warner, Asia Pacific Business Review [UK]

China in Transformation will appeal to the educated reader interested in modern China, to scholars, and to the many students to whom it will be assigned. The book will have a longer life and, I am certain, a much greater impact than the many other volumes that attempt to chronicle an ever-transforming China.—William C. Kirby, Harvard University

These are some astute commentaries on ‘whither China’ that have sufficient perspective to transcend the limits of daily journalism; for a while at least, they will be helpful guides to a very complex society in transformation.—Albert Feuerwerker, University of Michigan

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