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Harvard Contemporary China Series 3

China’s Intellectuals and the State

In Search of a New Relationship

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Publication Date: 06/10/1987


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Related Subjects

  • Preface
    • Introduction: Uncertain Change [Merle Goldman and Timothy Cheek]
  • I. Ideological Spokesman
    • 1. Ai Siqi: Professional Philosopher and Establishment Intellectual [Joshua A. Fogel]
  • II. Professional Elite
    • 2. Economists and Economic Policy-Making in the Early 1960s [Nina Halpern]
    • 3. The Politics of Historiography: Jian Bozan’s Historicism [Clifford Edmunds]
    • 4. Law and Legal Professionalism in the People’s Republic of China [James V. Feinerman]
    • 5. China’s Scientists and Technologies in the Post-Mao Era: A Retrospective and Prospective Glimpse [Denis Fred Simon]
  • III. Critical Intellectuals
    • 6. The Emergence of Humanism: Wang Ruoshui and the Critique of Socialist Alienation [David A. Kelly]
    • 7. The Chinese Writer in His Own Mirror: Writer, State, and Society—the Literary Evidence [Rudolph G. Wagner]
    • 8. Keeper of the Flame: Wang Ruowang as Moral Critic of the State [Kyna Rubin]
  • IV. The Party’s Policies toward Intellectuals
    • 9. Thought Workers in Deng’s Time [Lynn T. White III]
    • 10. Conclusion: New Trends under Deng Xiaoping and His Successors [Carol Lee Hamrin]
  • Notes
  • Index

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