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Choice, Welfare and Measurement

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Publication Date: 09/15/1997


480 pages

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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Choice and Preference
    • 1. Choice Functions and Revealed Preference
    • 2. Behaviour and the Concept to Preference
    • 3. Choice, Orderings and Morality
    • 4. Rational Fools: A Critique of the Behavioural Foundations of Economic Theory
  • Part 2: Preference Aggregation
    • 5. A Possibility Theorem on Majority Decisions
    • 6. Quasi-transitivity, Rational Choice and Collective Decisions
    • 7. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Rational Choice under Majority Decision [with P.K. Pattanaik]
    • 8. Social Choice Theory: A Re-examination
  • Part 3: Welfare Comparisons and Social Choice
    • 9. Interpersonal Aggregation and Partial Comparability
    • 10. On Ignorance and Equal Distribution
    • 11. On weights and Measure: Informational Constraints in Social Welfare Analysis
    • 12. Interpersonal Comparisons of Welfare
  • Part 4: Non-Utility Information
    • 13. The Impossibility of a Paretian Liberal
    • 14. Liberty, Unanimity and Rights
    • 15. Personal Utilities and Public Judgments: or What’s Wrong with Welfare Economics?
    • 16. Equality of What?
  • Part 5: Social Measurement
    • 17. Poverty: an ordinal Approach to Measurement
    • 18. Real National Income
    • 19. Ethical Measurement of Inequality: Some Difficulties
    • 20. Description as Choice
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index

Awards & Accolades

  • Amartya Sen Is a 2011 National Humanities Medal Winner
  • Amartya Sen Is Winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics

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