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Harvard Economic Studies 140

Collected Papers

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ISBN 9780674137752

Publication Date: 01/01/1973


616 pages

1 halftone, 60 line illustrations, 34 tables

Harvard Economic Studies


  • Foreword
  • I. The Theory of International Trade
    • The Theory of International Trade
    • The Transfer Problem Reconsidered
    • Imported Raw Materials, the Transfer Problem, and the Concepts of Income
    • Flexible Exchange Rates, the Transfer Problem, and the Balanced-Budget Theorem
    • Exchange Rates and the International Monetary Fund
    • Tariffs, the Terms of Trade, and the Distribution of National Income
    • Tariffs, International Demand, and Domestic Prices
    • The Process of International Adjustment under Conditions of Full Employment: A Keynesian View
    • Graham’s Theory of International Values
    • Underemployment Equilibrium in International Trade
    • Flexible Exchange Rates and the Theory of Employment
  • II. Money, Interest, and Prices
    • Wealth, Saving, and the Rate of Interest
    • The Structure of Taxes, Open-Market Operations, and the Rate of Interest
    • The Rate of Interest and the Marginal Product of Capital
  • III. Business Cycles and Economic Fluctuations
    • The Nature and Stability of Inventory Cycles
    • Partial Adjustment and the Stability of Inventory Cycles
    • Factors Governing the Length of Inventory Cycles
    • Three Lags in the Circular Flow of Income
    • Business Cycles and the Theory of Employment
  • IV. Mathematical Economics and Statistics
    • Stability of Multiple Markets: The Hicks Conditions
    • A Multiple-Region Theory of Income and Trade
    • A Multiple-Country Theory of Income Transfers
    • Taxes and Subsidies in Leontief’s Input-Output Model
    • The Assumptions Implied in Least-Squares Demand Techniques

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