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Collected Papers of Kenneth J. Arrow, Volume 6: Applied Economics

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ISBN 9780674137783

Publication Date: 09/30/1985


280 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 line illustration, 2 tables

Belknap Press

Collected Papers of Kenneth J. Arrow


  • 1. The Economic Cost to Western Europe of Restricted Availability of Oil Imports: A Linear Programming Computation
  • 2. Comment on Duesenberry’s “Portfolio Approach to the Demand for Money and Other Assets”
  • 3. Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care
  • 4. The Implications of Transaction Costs and Adjustment Lags in Health Insurance
  • 5. The Effects of the Price System and Market on Urban Economic Development
  • 6. Criteria, Institutions, and Function in Urban Development Decisions
  • 7. Problems of Resource Allocation in United States Medical Care
  • 8. Models of Job Discrimination
  • 9. Some Mathematical Models of Race Discrimination in the Labor Market
  • 10. Social Responsibility and Economic Efficiency
  • 11. The Theory of Discrimination
  • 12. Environmental Preservation, Uncertainty, and Irreversibility
  • 13. The Combination of Time-Series and Cross-Section Data in Interindustry Flow Analysis
  • 14. Economic Development: The Present State of the Art
  • 15. Theoretical Issues in Health Insurance
  • 16. Welfare Analysis of Changes in Health Coinsurance Rates
  • 17. Optimal Pricing, Use, and Exploration of Uncertain Natural Resource Stocks
  • Index

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