Cover: The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume I: The Nature of Heat in HARDCOVER

The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume I: The Nature of Heat

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$127.00 • £101.95 • €114.50

ISBN 9780674139510

Publication Date: 01/01/1968


524 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

27 line illustrations, 57 tables

Belknap Press

The Collected Works of Count Rumford


  • An Experimental Inquiry concerning the Source of the Heat which is excited by Friction
  • An Inquiry concerning the Weight ascribed to Heat
  • Of the Propagation of Heat in various Substances
  • The Propagation of Heat in Fluids
  • Short Account of a new Experiment on Heat
  • The Heat produced in a Body by a given Quantity of solar Light is the same whether the Rays be denser or rarer, convergent, parallel, or divergent.
  • Reflections on Heat
  • An Inquiry concerning the Nature of Heat, and the Mode of its Communication
  • Research on Heat, Second Memoir
  • Historical Review of the various Experiments of the Author on the Subject of Heat
  • References to Rumford’s Own Works
  • Facts of Publication
  • Index

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