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The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume II: Practical Applications of Heat

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ISBN 9780674139527

Publication Date: 01/01/1969


536 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

23 line illustrations, 58 tables

Belknap Press

The Collected Works of Count Rumford


  • Experiments on cooling Bodies (Experimental Investigations concerning Heat, Section II)
  • Experiments tending to show that Heat is communicated through solid Bodies, by a Law which is the same as that which would ensue from Radiation between the Particles (Experimental Investigations concerning Heat, Section III)
  • Description of a new Instrument of Physics
  • An Account of a curious Phenomenon observed on the Glaciers of Chamouny; together with some occasional Observations concerning the Propagation of Heat in Fluids
  • An Account of some new Experiments on the Temperature of Water at its maximum Density
  • Inquiries concerning the Mode of the Propagation of Heat in Liquids
  • Of the slow Progress of the spontaneous Mixture of Liquids disposed to unite chemically with each other
  • Research upon the Heat developed in Combustion and in the Condensation of Vapours
  • Experiments and Observations on the Cooling of Liquids in Vessels of Porcelain, Gilded and not Gilded
  • On the Capacity for Heat or calorific Power of various Liquids
  • Observations relative to the Means of increasing the Quantities of Heat obtained in the Combustion of Fuel
  • Account of some new Experiments on Wood and Charcoal
  • Inquiries relative to the Structure of Wood, the specific Gravity of its solid Parts, and the Quantity of Liquids and elastic Fluids contained in it under various Circumstances; the Quantity of Charcoal to be obtained from it; and the Quantity of Heat produced by its Combustion
  • Chimney Fireplaces, with Proposals for improving them to save Fuel; to render Dwelling-houses more comfortable and salubrious, and effectually to prevent Chimneys from smoking
  • Supplementary Observations concerning Chimney Fireplaces
  • Of the Management of Fire and the Economy of Fuel
  • Experiments and Observations on the Adhesion of the Particles of Water to each other
  • References to Rumford’s own Works
  • Facts of Publication
  • Index

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