Cover: The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume III: Devices and Techniques in HARDCOVER

The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume III: Devices and Techniques

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$124.00 • £99.95 • €111.50

ISBN 9780674139534

Publication Date: 01/01/1969


516 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

7 halftones, 97 line illustrations, 6 tables

Belknap Press

The Collected Works of Count Rumford


  • Of the Use of Steam as a Vehicle for Transporting Heat
  • Note on the Use of Steam Heat
  • Observations on the Best Means of Heating the Hall in which the ordinary Meetings of the Institute are Held
  • Description of a new Boiler constructed with a View to the Saving of Fuel
  • Experiment on the Use of the Heat of Steam, in Place of that of an open Fire, in the Making of Soap
  • Of the Management of Fires in closed Fire-places
  • On the Construction of Kitchen Fire-places and Kitchen Utensils
  • Of the Salubrity of Warm Rooms
  • Of the Salubrity of Warm Bathing
  • On the Specific Gravity, Strength, Diameter, and Cohesion of Silk
  • An Account of some Experiments made to Determine the Quantities of Moisture Absorbed from the Atmosphere by Various Substances
  • Experiments and Observations on the Advantage of Employing Wheels with Broad Felloes for Travelling and Pleasure Carriages
  • Plans for the Construction of a Frigate
  • References to Rumford’s own Works
  • Facts of Publication
  • Index

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