Cover: The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume IV: Light and Armament in HARDCOVER

The Collected Works of Count Rumford, Volume IV: Light and Armament

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ISBN 9780674139541

Publication Date: 01/01/1970


514 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

43 line illustrations, 44 tables

Belknap Press

The Collected Works of Count Rumford


  • Experiments on the Relative Intensities of the Light emitted by Luminous Bodies
  • An Account of some Experiments on Coloured Shadows
  • Conjectures respecting the Principles of the Harmony of Colours
  • An Inquiry concerning the Chemical Properties that have been attributed to Light
  • Of the Management of Light in Illumination
  • Observations on the Dispersion of the Light of Lamps by Means of Shades of unpolished Glass, Silk, &c.; with a Description of a new Lamp
  • An Inquiry concerning the Source of the Light which is manifested in the Combustion of Inflammable Bodies
  • Experiments on the Production of Air from Water, exposed with various Substances to the Action of Light
  • An Account of some Experiments Upon Gunpowder
  • Experiments to determine the Force of Fired Gunpowder
  • A Short Account of some Experiments made with Cannon, and also of some Attempts to Improve Field Artillery
  • Facts of Publication
  • Index

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