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Comparative Studies of How People Think

An Introduction

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Publication Date: 01/01/1986


224 pages

15 line illustrations, 2 tables


Related Subjects

  • 1. Old Interests and New Demands
  • 2. The Normative Logic of Experimental Design
  • 3. What Happens When All Other Things Are Not Equal?
    • Obtaining Comparable Groups
    • Equivalence of Treatment for Different Groups
    • Limitations of Simple Descriptions of Group Differences
    • Relating Group Differences to Underlying Causes
  • 4. Comparing Tasks and Groups
    • Comparing Patterns of Performance
    • The Group by Task Interaction Approach
    • Training Studies
    • Cautionary Notes
  • 5. Model-Based Approaches
    • Qualitative Information-Processing Models
    • Computer Simulation Models
    • Mathematical Models
    • Functional Measurement
    • Advantages of Model-Based Research Strategies
    • Cautionary Notes
  • 6. From Laboratory to Life
    • Comparing Laboratory and Real-Life Tasks
    • Training Cognitive Processes
    • Training Tasks of Practical Importance
    • Value Judgments in Cognitive Research
    • On the Reference of Basic Research
  • Appendix: Statistical Issues in Comparative Research
    • Attempts to Control for Pre-existing Group Differences
    • Interpreting Group by Task Interactions
  • References
  • Notes
  • Index

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