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Harvard Economic Studies 122

Competition in the Midwestern Coal Industry

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Publication Date: 01/01/1964


226 pages

10 illustrations, 44 tables

Harvard Economic Studies


  • I. Introduction
    • Methodology
    • Data Limitations
  • II. Midwestern Coal Markets
    • Location and Extent of Coal Reserves
    • Theory of Markets
    • The Structure of Freight Rates
    • Isolation of Midwestern Market Area
    • Comparison with Henderson’s Markets
  • III. The Demand for Coal
    • Consumer Uses
    • Midwestern Coal Quality
    • Interfuel Competition
    • Elasticity of demand for Coal
    • Summary of Competitive Forces
  • IV. The Structure of the Midwestern Coal Industry
    • Measures of Concentration
    • Concentration of Coal Production
    • Motives for Merger
    • Midwestern Coal Mergers
    • Vertical Integration in the Midwestern Industry
    • Degree of Buyer Concentration
  • V. Cost Aspects of Structure
    • Methods of Extraction and Coal Preparation
    • Effect of Resource Conditions
    • Short-Run Costs
    • Returns to Scale
    • Structural Influence of Technological Change
  • VI. Barriers to Entry
    • Coal Reserves Ownership
    • Effect of Product Differentiation on Entry
    • Trend Toward Long-Term Coal Contracts
    • Energy Transportation Developments
    • Exit Conditions
  • VII. Market Conduct in the Midwestern Coal Industry
    • Interseller Price Relations
    • Contract Duration and Pricing
    • Effect of Market Structure on Conduct
    • Price Discrimination
    • Influence of Coal Union on Pricing
    • Adjustment of Product
  • VIII. Market Performance in the Midwestern Coal Industry
    • Prewar Earnings Comparison
    • Listed Companies’ Profits
    • Relation of Company Size to Profits
    • Effect of Excess Capacity
    • Midwestern vs. United States’ Excess Capacity
    • Extent of Optimum-Scale Production
    • Effect of Mergers on Productivity
    • Income Distribution
    • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • IX. Final Appraisal
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Selected Bibliography Index

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