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Contingencies of Value

Alternative Perspectives for Critical Theory

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ISBN 9780674167865

Publication Date: 04/01/1991


240 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Related Subjects

  • 1. Fixed Marks and Variable Constancies: A Parable of Value
    • Evaluating Shakespeare’s Sonnets
    • Critical Problematics
  • 2. The Exile of Evaluation
    • Fact and Value in the Literary Academy
    • The Politics of Evaluative Criticism
    • An Alternative Project
  • 3. Contingencies of Value
    • Contingency and Interdependence
    • Matters of Taste
    • Processes of Evaluation
    • The Dynamics of Endurance
  • 4. Axiologic Logic
    • Hume’s Natural Standard
    • Kant’s Pure Judgments
    • Logical Tastes and The Other’s Poison
    • Three Postaxiological Postscripts
  • 5. Truth/Value
    • Judgment Typology and Maclntyre’s Fall
    • Value without Truth-Value
    • Changing Places: Truth, Error, and Deconstruction
  • 6. The Critiques of Utility
    • Humanism, Anti-Utilitarianism, and the Double Discourse of Value
    • Bataille’s Expenditure
    • Endless (Ex)Change
  • 7. Matters of Consequence
    • Critiques and Charges: The Objectivist Generation of “Relativism”
    • Quietism and the Active Relativist
    • Community, Solidarity, and the Pragmatist’s Dilemma
    • Politics and Justification
    • Conceptual Tastes and Practical Consequences
  • Notes
  • Index

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