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A History of Its Treatment by the Catholic Theologians and Canonists, Enlarged Edition

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  • Introduction
  • I. Shaping of the Doctrine, 50–450
    • 1. Contraception in the Roman Empire
    • 2. The Scriptural Structure and External Sources of Doctrine
    • 3. Gnostics, Pagans, and the Alexandrian Rule
    • 4. The Morals of the Manichees, and St. Augustine
  • II. The Condemnation Ingrained, 450–1450
    • 5. The Lessons of the Monks
    • 6. The Canonists, the Cathars, and St. Augustine
    • 7. Contraceptive Techniques: Means and Dissemination in the High Middle Ages
    • 8. The Rationale of the Prohibition
    • 9. Sanctions
    • 10. Counter Approaches
  • III. Innovation and Preservation, 1450–1750
    • 11. New Attitudes and Analyses
    • 12. The Rule Preserved
  • IV. Development and Controversy, 1750–1965
    • 13. The Spread of Birth Control: The Responses of the Bishops and the Pope
    • 14. Permitted and Disputed Means of Controlling Conception
    • 15. The Doctrine and the Context
  • Appendix: Natural Law, the Teaching of the Church, and the Regulation of the Rhythm of Human Fecundity
  • Index

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