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Harvard East Asian Monographs 123

The Country of Streams and Grottoes

Expansion, Settlement, and the Civilizing of the Sichuan Frontier in Song Times

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Publication Date: 02/10/1988


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  • List of Tables*
  • List of Maps**
  • A Note on Romanization
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • I. The Setting
    • 1. The Civilization of the Forest
      • An Ethnographic Gazetteer of the Luzhou Frontier
      • Ecology, Habitat, and Civilization
      • Society and Polity among the Native Peoples
    • 2. Han Society in Sichuan’s Turbulent Frontier
      • Crystallization of Magnate Society
      • Personal Bondage in the Sichuan Frontier
      • Settlement and Social Control
  • II. Opening the Frontier
    • 3. Salt and the Settling of the Sichuan Frontier
      • Evolution of Sichuan’s Salt Industry
      • Consolidation and Concentration of Private Production
      • Salt Mining and Frontier Settlement
    • 4. “A Stolen Place”: Frontier Expansion under the New Laws
      • Border Conflict in Southern Lu
      • From Exploration to Expropriation
    • 5. Political Hegemony in the Frontier Zone
      • Wars of Conquest, 1078–1082
      • Implanting the New Order, 1082–1121
      • The Han Conquest of the Buək River Valley
      • Victors and Victims
      • The Frontier as a Political Process
  • III. Closing the Frontier
    • 6. Civilizing the Frontier (I): Settlement and Social Control
      • The Demise of the Local Magnate Order in Luzhou
      • Population Change in Luzhou
      • The Role of the Lineage in Frontier Settlement
      • Village Autonomy and Corporate Institutions
    • 7. Civilizing the Frontier (II): Farming and Commerce
      • The Agrarian Landscape
      • Trade and Market Structure in Luzhou
      • Economic Integration of the Agrarian Hinterland
    • 8. A Cycle of Frontier Expansion
  • Abbreviations Used in the Bibliography
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
    • Non-Han Words
  • Index
  • * Tables
    • 1. Native Placewords in Southern Lu
    • 2. Classification of Population in Sichuan in 1080
    • 3. Population Increase in Sichuan, ca. 980–1080
    • 4. Fortified Towns in Wei Junjing’s Militia Network
    • 5. Zhen Placenames in the Western Ba Region in 1080
    • 6. Native “Righteous Armies” Organized in Southern Lu in 1083
    • 7. The “New Subjects” in Southern Lu, 1108–1113
    • 8. Number of Households in Luzhou in the Tang and Song Dynasties
    • 9. Settlement and Population Distribution in Luzhou in 1220
    • 10. Han and Non-Han Settlement in Jian’an County in 1220
    • 11. Placewords in Luzhou in 1220
    • 12. Placewords in Changshu County, Suzhou
    • 13. Markets in Luzhou, ca. 1220
    • 14. Urban Populations in Luzhou, ca. 1220
  • ** Maps
    • 1. Upper Yangzi Valley in 1080
    • 2. Luzhou and Vicinity in the Southern Song
    • 3. Distribution of Population in Sichuan in the Southern Song
      • A. Population Density by Prefecture, 1080
      • B. Distribution of Guest Households by Prefecture, 1080
    • 4. Marketing Network and Topography of the Luzhou Region
    • 5. Commercial Tax Receipts in Sichuan, 1077

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