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Creating Public Value

Strategic Management in Government

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Publication Date: 03/25/1997


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  • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction
      • Purposes
      • Sources and Methods
      • Tests
  • Part I. Envisioning Public Value
    • 1. Managerial Imagination
      • The Town Librarian and the Latchkey Children
      • Public Managers and Public Management
      • An Alternative Approach to Public Administration
    • 2. Defining Public Value
      • The Aim of Managerial Work
      • Different Standards for Reckoning Public Value
      • Municipal Sanitation: An Example
      • Toward a Managerial View of Public Value
    • 3. Organizational Strategy in the Public Sector
      • William Ruckeishaus and the Environmental Protection Agency
      • Jerome Miller and the Department of Youth Services
      • Managerial Discretion and Leadership in the Public Sector
      • Defining Mission and Goals in the Private Sector
      • Defining Mission and Goals in the Public Sector
      • The Mission of the EPA: Pollution Abatement
      • The Mission of DYS: Humanizing the Treatment of Children
      • The Managerial Utility of Mission Statements
      • Evaluative Criteria for Organizational Strategies
  • Part II. Building Support and Legitimacy
    • 4. Mobilizing Support, Legitimacy, and Coproduction: The Functions of Political Management
      • Miles Mahoney and Park Plaza
      • David Sencer and the Threat of Swine flu
      • Political Management: A Key Managerial Function
      • Who Is Important in Political Management
      • Combining Diverse Interests and Values
      • The Dynamics of the Authorizing Environment
      • The Challenge of Political Management
    • 5. Advocacy, Negotiation, and Leadership: The Techniques of Political Management
      • Mahoney’s Initiatives
      • Sencer’s Initiatives
      • Evaluation
      • The Ethics and Techniques of Political Management
      • Entrepreneurial Advocacy
      • Managing Policy Development
      • Negotiation
      • Public Deliberation, Social Learning, and Leadership
      • Public Sector Marketing and Strategic Communication
      • Helping to Define and Produce Public Value
  • Part III. Delivering Public Value
    • 6. Reengineering Public Sector Production: The Function of Operational Management
      • Harry Spence and the Boston Housing Authority
      • Lee Brown and the Houston Police Department
      • The Function of Operational Management
      • Defining Organizational Mission and Product
      • Redesigning Production Processes
      • Using Administrative Systems to Influence Operations
      • Innovating and Capitalizing
      • From Diagnosis to Intervention
    • 7. Implementing Strategy: The Techniques of Operational Management
      • Spence: Rehabilitating Public Housing in Boston
      • Brown: Exploring the Frontiers of Policing
      • Reengineering Organizations: What Strategic Managers Think and Do
      • Acting in a Stream
    • Conclusion: Acting for a Divided, Uncertain Society
      • Ethical Challenges of Public Leadership
      • Psychological Challenges of Public Leadership
  • Notes
  • Index

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